Our Values & Approach

At McGarry & Co we take a rather unfashionable view of the world: we believe that service and care should come first. We consider that knowing our clients means that we can advise them better and in the round. We can give specific advice on specific issues and are happy to do so, but it is always best to enjoy a long term relationship where family, business and personal circumstances are known, understood and can properly be considered and contemplated before advice is given.

Meet our Team

Commitment & Dedication to our clients

We are committed to provide our clients with the best quality service we can. That does not mean always telling clients what they want to hear. It means giving sensible and sometimes frank advice. We are committed to the professional principle that we give advice to our clients irrespective of whether that advice is in our interests or not.

Our integrity is everything and we consider that a relationship of trust between our clients and ourselves in paramount. We go beyond the role of “lawyers” and retain the traditional role of a trusted adviser. This can mean that we become involved in the family and business lives of clients and are often being the first port of call for honest, impartial advice.

Why Choose McGarry & Co

We are experienced in looking after clients from a person wanting advice on the simplest matter to complicated and involved business transactions.

We believe that we can give you the advice, assistance and support you need.